Mega Paint Station




Board and Sword Recommends: We have one. Its fantastic. Honestly you are more likely to get things painted if you have things set out so its easier to do when you have spare time. Plus its better than the other paint station because its got the word “Mega” in the title!

The TTCombat Mega Paint Station provides a great area to get your minis painted. Perfect for smaller areas or to keep your tables clean of paint. Our paint stations will help you get your armies painted through sheer convenience.

Designed to be as easy to assemble as possible, you’ll be able to organise and move around your painting area in no time at all. At double the size of our standard paint stations you’ll be able to fit more of your army on this mobile painting area. We’ve even included a space for a pint glass (or a plastic one), a small area for tools or more paints, and a small brush rack that will let you store up to 6 small paint brushes.

Made from 3mm MDF and supplied flat. Assembly is required and we recommend using PVA glue for the best results.


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