Lancaster Board and Sword: your one-stop shop for all your board gaming, war gaming and role playing needs!

We have a large selection of board games from classic titles through to the newest releases, a growing selection of war games from Warhammer through to Bolt Action, an in-store library of games available to be rented or played in store and a full sized war gaming table complete with enough terrain to play pretty much any game!

We also run regular D&D games through the store, have tables available for those that want to run their own games (with access to the store library of D&D books/accessories) and regular one shot games for those trying to get into the world greatest role playing game!

With friendly staff, friendlier customers, regular tournaments and the ability to order in games, terrain, miniatures and books, why not pop by?

Want to talk to people and get involved in the community without bothering with facebook? Try discord! Our link is here: https://discord.gg/gNGyvuC